Frequently asked questions

Why have you built a job listing platform?

We wanted to create a platform for applying for jobs which is based around preprints.

How are preprints useful in the academic job market?

Publishing a paper often takes from 6 months to a year, or even more, depending on the discpline. As a result, your most recent and exciting work is typically not yet out as a published paper. This can be especially problematic if you are finishing up a PhD and have not yet published your major works. Highlighting preprints is a way to show potential employers your recent breakthroughs.

Can I also highlight published papers

Yes, you can highlight both preprints and published papers.

How does this tie into

One of the aims of is to encourage more openness and transparency in science, and to encourage posting of preprints. We set up to provide a way for researchers and employers to highlight their preprints and open science activities in job applications and listings. Also, if your manuscript has already been through rounds of peer review, can be used to display those reviews.